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Bradenton is the best kept secret on Florida's Gulf Coast, not only is it home to gorgeous barrier island beaches, it is also where Palmetto Law's founder lives and keeps active in the community. Bradenton landlords can rest assured that they can find excellent legal representation and attention from Palmetto Law, PA. We are here to serve Manatee County landlords and help them with all of their landlord/tenant needs.

Landlords are prohibited from engaging in self-help tactics in order to try to get a tenant to leave their property. Self-help evictions include turning off utilities (or even just interrupting them temporarily, changing locks, and many other actions. The only safe way to get your problem tenant out (that is a tenant who won't surrender the property) is to file an eviction. Evictions do not have to take a long time to complete and with an experienced attorney are often completed with little stress and without having to appear in court.

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