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St. Petersburg, FL is home base for Palmetto Law. We are located in the heart of downtown and understand that your priority is protecting your investment while not affecting your bottom line. If you are a landlord and your tenant has become a problem we have an attorney to help in the eviction process. Pinellas County is serviced by two courthouses - one in Clearwater and one in downtown St. Petersburg.

Evictions can be complicated and it is important that you choose a lawyer who familiar with the requirements of evictions in Pinellas County.  Compliance with the administrative orders of Pinellas County is required for all those who file an eviction.  Failure to comply with the local rules, administrative orders, and Florida Statutes Chapter 83 can result in your case being dismissed.

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In Florida you are not required to have a written lease in order to rent your property. However, a written lease is always a good idea. If there is no lease between the parties the landlord/tenant relationship will be governed solely by Florida Statutes Chapter 83, Part II. Landlords can’t seek to avoid the obligations placed upon them by Florida Statutes, but written leases can fill in any holes left by the statutes and clarify both the landlord’s and the tenant’s obligations.


A perfect example of how a written lease can benefit landlords is in defining a tenant’s obligations. There is nothing in the statutes that govern criminal activity of a tenant. For example if there is no written lease and a tenant commits a crime on the premises the landlord might find it hard to terminate the tenancy. However, a written lease can easily state that a tenant cannot commit a crime on the premises. This not only protects the landlord, it can also protect other tenants and neighbors.

Oral leases automatically renew until either the landlord or tenant give a statutory notice that the lease will not be renewed. A written lease can be for a specific period of time that terminates automatically without any notice. Of course if the landlord and tenant decide to continue the tenancy they can easily enter into a new lease or sign an addendum that extends the term of the original lease.


We offer landlords an affordable lease – a lease that has been drafted by an attorney experienced in both evictions and general landlord/tenant matters. We offer our leases for $45 and typically provide a turnaround time of less than 24 hours (usually done same day!). Not only do we offer the lease, but we stand by it for the term of the lease. That's right we'll be here to answer any questions you have about the lease during its term

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We have compiled a list of landlord resources that are specific to Pinellas County, Florida. We do our best to include helpful links and resources, if you see that we have overlooked something please let us know what you would like to see added:

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