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Tampa Bay is booming and so are the opportunities for rental housing investors and property managers. Our Tampa Bay attorney is focused on getting your property back to you as soon as possible with the least of amount of drama from non-paying or non-complying tenants.

Evictions are complicated, and sometimes unnecessary. That why we offer more services than just evictions for landlords in Hillsborough County. We offer:

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If you are a landlord in Tampa Bay or otherwise in Hillsborough County who would like to retain us to file an eviction against your tenant please register with us first. Once you are registered you will be given a unique login to our member's area that will allow you to immediately process tenant evictions online 24/7. We also provide landlords with online access to their tenant eviction files so that they can check the status at any time and leave comments or requests for the file lawyer. We strive to provide you with convenient access, transparent pricing, and reliable representation. If you prefer to register over the phone, or just chat with the attorney, you can contact us locally at 727-565-0205.

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