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At Palmetto Law, P.A. we understand that your priority is protecting your investment while not affecting your bottom line. Whether you're a mom-and-pop show or a large corporation, we offer uncontested residential tenant evictions of non subsidized housing for $164.00 plus court costs - performed by a LAWYER. The majority of evictions are uncontested and are resolved via default judgment with no further fees due. Should the matter become contested you can be confident that you are prepared to assert your rights in court with an attorney by your side. We charge flat fees for routine hearings and we employ an alternative fee recovery system in each of our contracts that limits our attorney fees to no more than $170 per hour. Of course, the additional fees only applies if the case is properly contested. Simple right? We find that the number one thing landlords want, besides their property back, is a transparent fee system from the attorneys they hire.

Most landlords don't seek a money judgment against the tenant because it does cost a little bit more. However, if you want a money judgment against the tenant for back rent, court costs, and attorney fees we can file for that too, but it does cost an additional $164.00 in attorney fees to add a count and seek an uncontested money judgment.


We don't use typewriters anymore and we rarely shop retail without using our smartphones to compare prices. We know you're the same way. At Palmetto Law, P.A. we leverage technology to gather electronic signatures, provide landlords with reliable 24/7 access, and maintain affordable pricing. We offer all landlords 24/7 access to our online eviction filing system and 24/7 access to their electronic case file. We use state of the art case management software that allows landlords to keep on top of their eviction filings, always be in the loop, and have easy access to the firm. No more wondering, if someone got your email or fax, simply login and check the status. Of course we're available by phone and at the office if you prefer!

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If you are a Florida landlord who would like to retain us to file an eviction please request to register with us first. Once you are registered you will be given a unique login to our member's area that will allow you to immediately process evictions online 24/7. We also provide landlords with online access to their eviction file so that they can check the status at any time and leave comments or requests for the file lawyer. We strive to provide you with convenient access, transparent pricing, and reliable representation. If you prefer to register over the phone, or just chat with the attorney, you can contact us toll-free at 855-529-7256.

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