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Palmetto Law, P.A. is a boutique law firm which focuses predominately on consumers.

We maintain a law practice dedicated almost exclusively to consumers. While this often results in the firm turning away potential clients whose cases are outside our practice area, we believe it provides us with the opportunity to focus intensely in the areas consumer need most - civil litigation and estate planning.

We occassionaly represent closely held businesses, but mainly we strive to serve consumers. In order to assist most areas of Florida and preserve the one-on-one attention our clients value, we have offices available by appointment throughout much of the state and we are also available by phone or video conference.

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If you are a Florida resident who has is looking to establish an estate plan or a consumer who has been mistreated, contact Palmetto Law, PA by calling toll-free at 855-529-7256 to arrange a consultation regarding your situation.

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Our Advantages

We are florida licensed attorneys

There are many companies that offer help to consumers, however most of the companies are not local and they are not licensed attorneys. Only an attorney can give you legal advice and only an attorney can represent you in court.

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We are local and offer personal attention to every client

When you're a client you're not assigned a number and we don't ask that you a take a number to have your questions asked. An attorney, YOUR attorney, is always a phone call away.

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