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Evictions of residential tenants in Florida are treated in an expedited manner by the courts. This is due to the fact that evictions are handled under a statutory creature called summary procedure. In summary procedure defendants only receive five business days to respond to a complaint AND the court is required to advance the cause on the court's calendar. Not only do the actions happen in an expedited manner, but there are also other requirements that a tenant must meet. In order to fight the eviction tenants are generally required to deposit the rent into the court registry or file a motion that requests the court to determine the amount of rent to deposit and that states why the rent requested by the landlord is not owed. Tenants are also required to continue to deposit the rent into the court registry as it becomes due.

Notices prior to eviction

In most cases a landlord must give their tenant notice prior to filing an eviction action. Notices can generally be put into three categories:

Landlord tenant disputes often require quick action to avoid the loss of defenses or the right to recovery. As a consumer, it is important to know your options and rights before you lose them. We provide consultations at our office location, over the phone, or via video conference.

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